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Homemade 'Reeses's Pieces: A Healthier and More Delicious Indulgence

'Reese's Pieces', the iconic peanut butter and chocolate candy, have long been a favourite among candy lovers. However, there are several reasons why making your own Reese's Pieces at home is a better choice.

Healthier Ingredients: A Wholesome Alternative

Store-bought Reese's Pieces are made with a variety of artificial ingredients, including artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. These ingredients can have negative health effects. Making your own Reese's Pieces allows you to control the ingredients and use healthier alternatives, such as natural nut butter, no added sugar, no preservatives/additives AND you can even add nutrients to your homemade version by adding protein powder!

Our Healthier 3 Ingredient Cashew Butter Version

We decided to make our own version of this trending snack. To make these you will only need 3 ingredients. 

We decided to use our Salted Cashew Butter to really emphasise a creamy centre. Our Cashew Butter is all natural and does not contain any added sugars, oils or additives - therefore only consisting of heart healthy fats. 

We also added protein powder to add some extra nutrients to this chocolate snack. The best part is that the flavour of the protein powder is completely up to you and your desired taste. Therefore you can use vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, cookies and cream - the possibilities are endless! Any flavour of protein powder will work in this recipe as our Cashew Butter works well with any flavour! 

Superior Flavour: A Symphony of Taste

Store-bought Reese's Pieces often have a slightly artificial taste due to the artificial ingredients used in their production. Home-made Reese's Pieces, on the other hand, have a more authentic flavour due to the use of high-quality ingredients. The combination of real nut butter and chocolate creates a symphony of flavours that is far superior to the store-bought version. Not only this but by using our all natural Cashew Butter - the texture is much creamier and softer. 

Easy & Simple

Our recipe for home-made 'Reese's Pieces' only uses 3 ingredients and is therefore very simple to make and takes just moments! No baking is required. 

A Healthier Snack Option: A Guilt-Free Indulgence

Sore-bought Reese's Pieces are high in sugar, fat, and calories. Making your own Reese's Pieces allows you to control the amount of sugar and fat, and you can therefore use healthier alternatives, such as a natural nut butter. This makes your home-made Reese's Pieces a healthier snack option that you can enjoy without guilt.



(Makes 6)

  • 80g chocolate
  • 1/4 cup 99th Monkey Salted Cashew Butter
  • 30g protein powder


  1. Melt 40g of your chocolate and evenly spoon into the bottom of 6 mini muffin tin holes 
  2. Place this tray into the freezer to set 
  3. In the meantime, add your protein powder and Salted Cashew Butter to a bowl and mix until combined 
  4. Using your hands, shape the mixture into 6 disc shaped pieces 
  5. Get your tray our of the freezer and place the discs on top of the chocolate 
  6. Melt the rest of your chocolate (40g) and spoon over the top of the discs
  7. Place into the fridge to set
  8. Enjoy!

Making your own 'Reese's Pieces' is a better choice for several reasons. You can use healthier ingredients, create a superior flavour, customise them to your liking, enjoy the fun and rewarding experience, and have a healthier snack option. So, ditch the store-bought 'Reese's Pieces' and embrace the joy of making your own delicious and wholesome treats at home.

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