About Us

Nick Sheridan, founder of 99th Monkey


A note from founder Nick Sheridan:

I created 99th Monkey in Melbourne in 2013 with the aim of creating food that not only tastes delicious, but is also good for your health and kind to our planet.
As a former journalist (The Age, Global Coffee Report) living in London and training for my first (and maybe last) marathon in 2012, I became obsessed with peanut butter. When my wife Tracey and I returned to Melbourne, I decided to turn my nut butter obsession into a business.
Starting out in farmers markets in 2013, 99th Monkey soon spread into stores and online.
Five hundred-odd farmers markets later, 99th Monkey can be now found in retailers right across Australia (including Coles supermarkets), and I can still be found visiting my favourite farmers markets in Melbourne, spreading the joy of simple, delicious food.


You’re probably wondering where the name 99th Monkey comes from . . .

There’s an old tale about a group of monkeys living on an island who never had a good way to eat. One day, one monkey discovered a simple trick that gave them a much better way to eat. He passed this trick onto his monkey friend and one by one, the monkeys slowly learnt his clever ways. It took years for just 99 monkeys to learn this better way to eat.
But when the 99th monkey taught the 100th monkey the trick, something phenomenal happened – within hours, all of the monkeys on the island and surrounding islands knew this new way of eating.
Because when enough monkeys – or people, as the case may be – embrace an idea, it becomes irrepressible

 Could you be the 100th monkey?


Our Values

Spread Joy.

Keep it Simple.

Always Irrepressible.