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About Us

99th Monkey was founded by Nick Sheridan in Melbourne in 2013 with the aim of creating food that not only tastes delicious, but is also good for your health and kind to our planet.

A former journalist (The Age, Global Coffee Report), Nick became obsessed with peanut butter while living in London and training for his first (and maybe last) marathon in 2012. When Nick and his wife Tracey  returned to Melbourne, he decided to turn his nut butter obsession into a business.

Starting out in farmers markets in 2013, 99th Monkey soon spread into stores and online.

Five hundred farmers markets later (or thereabouts), 99th Monkey can be now found in retailers right across Australia, and Nick can still be found at certain markets in Melbourne, spreading the joy of simple, delicious food.

You’re probably wondering where the name 99th Monkey comes from . . .

There’s an old tale about a group of monkeys living on an island who had never had a good way to eat. But then one of the monkeys discovered a simple trick that gave them a much better way to eat.

This monkey passed that bit of knowledge to the next monkey and so on, as one by one these monkeys learned this new trick.

But this was a slow process, and it took six years for just 99 monkeys to learn this better way to eat.

But when the 99th monkey taught the 100th monkey the trick, something phenomenal happened – within hours, all of the monkeys on the island knew this better way to eat. Even more remarkable, soon all of the monkeys on all of the surrounding islands started to adopt this new way to eat.

Because when enough monkeys – or people, as the case may be – embrace an idea, it becomes irrepressible.

Our range of natural nut butters are not made to be health food, they’re made to be great food that just happens to be good for you.

Our products stand apart from the rest because we make them in small batches and hand fill every jar, slowing down the process of oil separation that you see in all natural nut butters.

We use only the finest, minimally processed ingredients and don’t add anything that is not absolutely essential to the flavour of our product.

Because at 99th Monkey we know that making simple foods delicious is the key to unlocking better eating habits for people all around the world.

Could you be the 100th monkey?