The "Can't Decide" Snack Bowl

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We've all been there. You're staring into the pantry or fridge, your stomach growling, but inspiration for a snack seems to have flown the coop. Do you crave something sweet, savoury, salty, or maybe a bit of everything? Well, fret no more! Here at 99th Monkey, we present the ultimate solution to your indecisiveness – The "Can't Decide" Snack Bowl.

This delightful creation isn't just a random assortment of goodies; it's a carefully curated symphony of textures and flavours designed to satisfy all your snacking desires.

A Party for Your Palate:

Imagine a bowl brimming with deliciousness. Here's what makes this snack bowl so special:

  • The Light and Airy Base: Popcorn adds a light and airy foundation to the bowl. It provides a satisfying crunch and isn't too heavy, allowing room for other components.
  • The Salty Twist: Pretzels add a delightful salty counterpoint to the sweetness of other elements in the bowl. They offer a satisfying bite and a different textural experience compared to the popcorn.
  • The Sweet Indulgence: A crumbled chocolate chip cookie injects a touch of sweetness and nostalgia into the mix. The gooey chocolate chips and soft cookie pieces are a delightful contrast to the other textures.
  • The Creamy and Crunchy Delight: Here's where 99th Monkey Crunchy Natural Almond Butter takes centre stage. It adds a creamy layer with the delightful surprise of crunchy almond bits. This not only contributes a richness of flavour but also a satisfying textural contrast.

Beyond the Flavour Profile:

The beauty of this snack bowl goes beyond just pleasing your taste buds. Here's why it's a winning combination:

  • A Textural Adventure: The combination of popcorn's airy crunch, the pretzel's satisfying bite, the cookie's soft chew, and the creamy crunch of the Almond Butter creates a delightful textural experience with every bite. It keeps your palate engaged and wanting more.
  • Satiating Synergy: Each element in this bowl contributes to a feeling of satiety. The popcorn and pretzels provide fibre, the cookie delivers some carbohydrates, and the 99th Monkey Crunchy Natural Almond Butter offers healthy fats and protein. This combination helps you feel full and satisfied, preventing unnecessary snacking later.

The Beauty of Customisation:

The "Can't Decide" Snack Bowl is all about flexibility. Here are some ways to customise it to your taste:

  • Sweet Tooth Fix: Feeling extra sweet? Add a few dried fruits like cranberries or raisins for a pop of sweetness and natural fruitiness.
  • Chocolate Craving: Prefer dark chocolate? Opt for a few dark chocolate chunks instead of a chocolate chip cookie for a more sophisticated flavour profile.
  • Nutty Variations: While we love the delightful crunch of our Crunchy Natural Almond Butter, we also offer a smooth Almond Butter if that is more to your pallet. 

The Final Bite:

So, next time you're stuck in a snacking rut, ditch the indecisiveness and embrace the "Can't Decide" Snack Bowl. With its carefully curated mix of textures and flavours, it's a delicious and satisfying way to conquer your cravings. Plus, it's an incredibly customisable canvas for your culinary creativity. Grab your favourite popcorn, pretzels, a few cookie crumbles, and a generous dollop of 99th Monkey Crunchy Natural Almond Butter, and get ready to experience a satisfying snacking symphony!

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