LIFE HACK - How to Keep your Toast Warm

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We've all been there: you butter your first slice of toast, savour its warm, crispy delight, then reach for the second slice only to find it staring back at you, cold and sad. The butter hardens, the bread loses its crunch, and breakfast takes a turn for the lacklustre. But fear not, fellow monkey friends! Today, we're revealing a life hack so simple, so brilliant, it'll change your toasting game forever. Forget fancy gadgets or elaborate contraptions – all you need is your trusty toaster and a dash of monkey ingenuity.

Introducing the "Top-Toast Trick":

It's the answer to your cold-toast woes, the secret weapon in your breakfast arsenal. Here's how it goes:

  1. Butter your first slice of toast as usual. Spread that creamy goodness of 99th Monkey Nut Butter with all your heart.
  2. Instead of plopping it on a plate, pop it right on top of your toaster. Don't worry, it won't burn.
  3. While your first slice basks in the residual heat, butter your second slice. No need to rush, your first slice is safe and sound, soaking up that precious warmth.
  4. Grab your first slice from its throne. It should be warm, crispy, and perfectly delicious. No sogginess in sight – just toasty perfection.

But why does it work?

Science, oh wise science, holds the answer. Your toaster, even when turned off, still retains some residual heat. Placing your buttered toast on top allows it to absorb this warmth, preventing it from cooling down rapidly. It's like a mini heat dome for your toast, keeping it toasty while you prepare its partner in crime.

Beyond the Basic Toast:

This hack isn't just for the classic buttered toast. Get creative! Use it for:

  • English muffins
  • Bagels 

The Monkey Takeaway:

Remember, life is too short for cold toast. With this simple "Top-Toast Trick," you can ensure every bite is warm, crispy, and bursting with flavour. So go forth, spread the buttered love, and embrace the monkey way to toasty mornings!

We hope this little life hack sparks a wave of toasty joy in your mornings. After all, a happy monkey is a monkey with warm, delicious toast!


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