LIFE HACK - Use Nut Butter as an Ice Cream Cone Sealant

Posted by Nick Sheridan on

Ice cream cones are a delicious treat, but they can be messy. The ice cream can easily drip out of the bottom of the cone, making a mess and ruining your clothes.

There are a few ways to prevent ice cream from dripping out of a cone. One way is to use a small amount of Nut Butter to coat the inside of the cone. The Nut Butter will create a barrier between the ice cream and the cone, preventing the ice cream from melting and dripping.

Not only will the Nut Butter prevent the mess but it will also be a tasty surprise when you get to the bottom of the ice cream cone. 

Here are the steps on how to use Nut Butter to stop ice cream from dripping out of your ice cream cone:

  • Spread a thin layer of Nut Butter on the inside of the ice cream cone.
  • Fill the cone with ice cream.
  • Enjoy your ice cream without worrying about it dripping!

Here are some additional tips for using Nut Butter to stop ice cream from dripping:

  • Use a natural Nut Butter that is free of added sugar, such as our 99th Monkey Nut Butters.
  • Spread the Nut Butter evenly on the inside of the cone.
  • Don't use too much Nut Butter, or it will make the cone too sticky.

Nut Butter is a great way to prevent ice cream from dripping out of a cone. It is a simple and effective way to enjoy your ice cream without making a mess.

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