Monkeying around with Oatmeal

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Oatmeal—the quintessential breakfast for champions, cozy mornings, and indecisive cooks. It's warm, comforting, and versatile, capable of morphing into whatever flavour adventure your morning craves. But let's face it, plain oatmeal can get, well, plain. That's where the 99th Monkey troop comes in, swinging in with an army of delicious nut butters ready to transform your bowl into a nutty nirvana.

Creamy vs. Crunchy: A Textural Tango

First things first, texture. Do you like your oatmeal smooth and silken, or with a bit of bite? This choice sets the stage for your nut butter pairing. For velvety oats, our Natural Almond Butter or Salted Cashew Butter will blend seamlessly, adding creamy and subtle nutty notes. If you crave a bit of crunch, embrace the bold textures of our Crunchy Natural Almond Butter or our Salted/Unsalted Peanut Butter—each bite will be a symphony of smooth oats and satisfyingly chunky nuts.

The Classics with a Twist:

Let's start with the tried-and-true combos. Peanut Butter and oatmeal? A timeless alliance. Elevate it with chopped banana, or go exotic with a drizzle of honey and a scattering of toasted coconut flakes. Almond Butter lovers, rejoice! Our creamy Almond Butter pairs beautifully with berries, a dollop of yoghurt, and a drizzle of maple syrup. For a tropical twist, blend in some mango chunks and top with coconut flakes.

Adventures Beyond the Expected:

But why stop there? The world of nut butter and oatmeal is your oyster (well, maybe not literally, but you get the point). Our Salted Cashew Butter makes a surprisingly delicious pairing with roasted apples and a touch of cinnamon. 

Beyond the Bowl: Nut Butter Magic:

Of course, the fun doesn't have to stop at the bowl. Use our nut butters to create oatmeal-inspired treats like pancakes, muffins, or energy balls. Whip up a batch of overnight oats with your favourite nut butter and toppings for a grab-and-go breakfast. Or get creative with savoury oat bakes for a satisfying lunch or dinner option.

Remember, when it comes to oatmeal and nut butter pairings, the only limit is your imagination. So grab your jar of 99th Monkey goodness, unleash your inner culinary monkey, and get ready to monkey around with your morning oats!

Bonus Tip: For an extra protein boost, sprinkle in some hemp seeds, chia seeds, or chopped nuts. And don't forget to share your favourite combinations with us on social media!

Let the nutty games begin!

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