Where to locate your 99th Monkey Nut Butter

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Our 99th Monkey Nut Butters are a delicious and healthy snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They are made with only the finest ingredients, and they are free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

If you're looking for a healthy and delicious spread - choose 99th Monkey. 

Where can I purchase 99th Monkey Nut Butters?


Our whole range of Nut Butters are available to purchase through our online website. 

We make a range of flavours - all of which can be found online. These are:

- Natural Almond Butter

- Crunchy Natural Almond Butter

- Pistachio & Almond Butter

- Almond, Brazil & Cashew Butter

- Salted Natural Peanut Butter

- Unsalted Natural Peanut Butter

- Almond & Cacao Butter


Our Natural Almond Butter, Crunchy Natural Almond Butter, Pistachio & Almond Butter and Almond & Cacao Butter are also sold in Coles Supermarkets.

You can find us located amongst the spreads on the top shelf. 

Independent Supermarkets & Health Food Stores

You can also find our range of Nut Butters, including ABC Butter and our Peanut Butters in various health food stores and independent supermarkets.


We are available to purchase online through Amazon.  

If we're not on the shelves at your local store - don't worry because our entire range of Nut Butter flavours are available to purchase through our online website. You can even find some bundles and merchandise online too! 

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