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A Taste of Health and Happiness: The Allure of Healthy Banana Bread

In the realm of comforting baked goods, banana bread holds a special place. Its moist, flavourful texture and enticing aroma have captivated kitchens for generations. And now, with a growing focus on healthy lifestyles, banana bread has undergone a transformation, emerging as a nutritious and delectable treat that satisfies both cravings and health goals.

Healthy Ingredients for a Guilt-Free Indulgence 

The transformation of banana bread from a simple treat to a health-conscious choice begins with a thoughtful selection of ingredients. Traditional banana bread recipes often rely on refined sugar, butter, and white flour, which can contribute to unhealthy weight gain and spikes in blood sugar levels.

However, healthy banana bread recipes embrace a more wholesome approach, swapping out refined ingredients for their nutrient-rich counterparts. Whole wheat flour provides fibre and essential vitamins, while natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup offer a healthier sweetness. Nut butter can replace traditional butter, adding a touch of healthy fats.

Nut Butter to replace Butter

In the following recipe we used our 99th Monkey Natural Almond Butter to replace butter. Not only does this add healthy fats to this recipe, it also adds a nutty taste that brings out the flavours of the banana bread and really enhances the flavour. 

A Healthier Choice for a Healthier Lifestyle 

Healthy banana bread stands as a testament to the notion that healthy eating doesn't have to sacrifice flavour or satisfaction. It's a delicious and nutritious treat that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So, embrace the goodness of healthy banana bread and savour the flavours and benefits that nourish both body and soul

The following recipe is our SIMPLE, 3 ingredient recipe for a banana bread that is refined sugar free and easy to make. 



  • 2 bananas
  • 50g 99th Monkey Natural Almond Butter
  • 60g rolled oats 
  • Optional: Chocolate Chips


  1. Mash your bananas in a bowl
  2. Add Almond Butter to your bowl and mix
  3. Add your oats and mix
  4. Add choc chips (if using) and mix until everything is combined
  5. Spoon mixture into a lined baking tin
  6. Top with some more choc chips (optional)
  7. Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees C
  8. Slice and enjoy

These can be a great meal prep option for an easy breakfast or afternoon snack/dessert!

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