5 Easy Things You Can Do to Be Happier Right Now

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5 Easy things you can do to be happier right now

Would you like to be a little happier each and every moment of every day? We sure do! Here at 99th Monkey we’re all about the good vibes. International happiness day is on the 20th of March this month. Happiness means and looks different to each and every one of us.  According to google, “happiness is used in the context of a mental or emotional state. Including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” We’re here for it! 

In light of this, we have been asking our team how they keep their happiness cup full every day or when they’re needing a little pick me up out of the blues. Sometimes it’s spooning peanut butter straight out of the jar, eating a handful of cookies, binging on a Netflix series or cuddling a puppy! Today, we’re here to spread the love with you! We put together a few of our quick and easy tips you can do RIGHT now to perhaps make you just that little bit happier. 

Blast your favourite tunes

According to studies, music can have massive positive effects on the brain. From keeping us relaxed, improving exercise endurance and more. If you’re feeling down a happy song can work wonders to give you the boost you need in your day. Some of our best happy tunes right now in the office playlist include “Happy” by Pharrel, “Love on Top” by Beyonce, “Juice” by Lizzy and “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsy. We’re all looking to keep our spirits high, and sometimes all you need is to put on your favourite tune and turn it up as loud as possible.

Add some bright colours to your day 

Pop on bright shirt, socks or hair tie to brighten our day. Or have it visible where you can see it throughout the day. Color psychology actually works with your mind to interpret different messages or moods (like joy or energy!) Colours such as a bright yellow, deep pink, warm orange, sparkling blue, fresh green or deep purple are all colours that will act as visual stimuli to train your mind and set a positive vibe! 


Meditation has been in the spotlight for a while now. It has been proven that regular meditation can increase happiness, reduce stress and it’s important to remember that meditation looks and feels different for everyone. Find a routine or practice that works for you and make it a consistent part of your day. A form of meditation is expressing gratitude. We hear it a lot, but hear us out! You can increase your happiness by focusing on the things in your life that you are grateful for. Start small, it can simply be writing three things you’re grateful for at the beginning or the end of each day and when you need a reminder - read through your list for a little heartwarming love.

Move your body 

Get some cardio in! Cardio (aerobic exercise) is one of the most effective type of exercises for boosting your happiness, fast. Now we’re not hinting a 10km run (unless that’s your thing!) Simply taking a walk, doing a yoga class or having a dance party to your favourite beats will all not only boost your mood, but be great for your physical health too. Getting outdoors to get your movement also gives your body fresh air. 

Snack happy

Studies show that certain foods can actually make you happier! When you’re feeling a little under the weather it can be common to want to reach for those sugary, salty, oil filled snacks - however that doesn’t always leave us feeling much better off. Science shows that a few of the below foods have a positive mood boosting effect. Try reaching for a piece of fruit, berries and bananas are great - packed full of fibre and nature’s sugar.

Another great mood boosting snack is nut butter. Hello, hello to our favourite snack of all! (Science said it, not us!) Whether you’re team peanut butter or almond butter there is no secret that nutritionist's love a good, natural nut butter. Full of energy boosting protein, healthy fats and oh so tasty - this is the top of our list. We all love a good snack, swapping out your current snack for one of the above may just be the recipe you need for happiness.

As you can see there are heaps of quick and easy tips you can do RIGHT NOW to make you happier. From blasting your favourite tunes, getting a breath of fresh air or grabbing a handful of your favourite happy snacks you’ll be on your way to happiness in no time. We hope that you found these useful and use them beyond the 20th of March, to make each and every day a happy day. These are only a few of our tips and tricks that we’ve tried at the 99th Monkey HQ we would love to hear yours! Find us on Instagram for more tips, tricks, recipes and nut butter goodness. We’ll see you there!

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