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Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. When someone with coeliac disease consumes gluten, their immune system mistakenly attacks the small intestine, leading to a range of digestive issues and potential long-term health problems.

This week marks Coeliac Awareness Week, a dedicated time to raise awareness of this condition and celebrate the resilience of individuals living with coeliac disease. At 99th Monkey, we understand the importance of offering delicious and safe food options for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions like coeliac disease.

The Power of Choice for People with Coeliac Disease:

Living with coeliac disease can be challenging, but maintaining a healthy and fulfilling diet remains crucial. Fortunately, there's a world of delicious, gluten-free foods to explore. Nut butters, packed with protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients, are a fantastic option for people with coeliac disease.

Why Choose 99th Monkey Nut Butters for a Coeliac-Friendly Diet?

Here at 99th Monkey, we're committed to providing delicious and inclusive nut butters. We take pride in offering a range of products that are naturally gluten-free and perfect for people with coeliac disease.

Here's why 99th Monkey Nut Butters are a great fit for a coeliac-friendly diet:

  • Simple Ingredients: We focus on using only the highest quality nuts as our base ingredients. Our nut butters are free from wheat, barley, and rye, ensuring they are naturally gluten-free.
  • No Hidden Gluten: We prioritise transparency in our labelling. We don't add any fillers, thickeners, or other ingredients that may contain gluten. What you see is what you get – pure, delicious nut butter.
  • Rigorous Manufacturing: We follow strict manufacturing processes to ensure there's no cross-contamination with gluten-containing ingredients.

Beyond Gluten-Free: The Benefits of 99th Monkey Nut Butters:

While being gluten-free is a crucial aspect for people with coeliac disease, 99th Monkey Nut Butters offer numerous additional benefits:

  • Protein Powerhouse: Our nut butters are a great source of plant-based protein, helping individuals with coeliac disease meet their daily protein requirements.
  • Healthy Fats: Nut butters are packed with healthy fats, essential for maintaining heart health, brain function, and overall well-being.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Depending on the nut butter variety, our products offer various vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, supporting a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Delicious and Versatile: From spreading on toast to adding to smoothies or baking creations, our nut butters offer incredible versatility for delicious and satisfying meals and snacks.

Beyond the Basics: Delicious and Gluten-Free Snack Ideas:

With 99th Monkey Nut Butters as your foundation, you can create endless gluten-free snacks that are both delicious and satisfying! Here are some creative ideas:

  • Fruit and Nut Dippers: Pair fresh apple slices, pear slices, or cucumber sticks with a generous dollop of your favourite 99th Monkey Nut Butter.
  • DIY Trail Mix: Create your own custom trail mix with a base of gluten-free cereal, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Toss in a spoonful of 99th Monkey Nut Butter for added protein and flavour.
  • Energy Balls: Combine mashed banana, gluten-free rolled oats, your favourite nut butter, and other mix-ins like chopped nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Form into bite-sized balls for a convenient on-the-go snack.
  • Gluten-Free Cookies: Several delicious gluten-free cookie recipes utilise nut butters as a base. Explore your baking skills and customise gluten-free cookies with your favourite 99th Monkey Nut Butter flavour.

Living Deliciously with Celiac Disease:

Coeliac disease doesn't have to limit your enjoyment of delicious and nutritious snacks. 99th Monkey Nut Butters offer a convenient and flavourful solution, packed with the benefits of natural nuts and free from the worry of gluten.

Join the Conversation:

Coeliac Awareness Week is a great opportunity to learn more about coeliac disease and understand the challenges faced by individuals living with this condition. Share this post with your friends and family to spread awareness, and explore resources from organisations dedicated to supporting people with coeliac disease.

Together, we can promote inclusivity and ensure everyone has access to delicious, safe, and healthy food options!

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