Is Almond Butter Actually Healthy?

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Everyone knows about peanut butter, but what about almond butter?

People always ask the question, “are nut butters healthy?”. The short answer is, yes! Almond butter, just like peanut butter, is healthy.

Now this doesn’t mean you should have a jar of almond butter a day. As it is the case with all foods - you need to be mindful about serving sizes. Every food can be a part of a healthy diet in moderation.


Benefits of Almond Butter

Contains healthy fats (monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats). These fats help lower cholesterol & blood pressure - decreasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

There is also research that almond butter can help lower blood sugar.

It can be good for maintaining a healthy weight, as almond butter is a protein source and therefore a filling substance. This can prevent people from over eating (which can cause weight gain).

It contains vitamins & minerals! Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin E & Fibre.


One Problem

There is a problem with all nut butters - and that is, that some brands contain added sugar, oils and/or emulsifiers, which can reduce the potential health benefits of the nut butter.


The GOOD News

BUT don’t fret because our 'Natural Almond Butter' is made from just one ingredient, and one ingredient only. And that is ALMONDS. Yes just almonds. Nothing else in the jar. There are no nasties hidden away in there. You can find us in Coles, some independent stores, and online!


So there you go! Almond butter can definitely be part of a healthy diet, as it  contains many health benefits. So, go out now and grab yourself a jar - you won’t be disappointed!

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