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Lockdown hacks and activities to get you through

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Hacks and activities to get you through lockdown.


So you’ve done it all, you’ve learned how to bake sourdough, cleared out your wardrobe multiple times, adopted an animal (or two) and read more books than you’ve ever done in your lifetime. If you’re looking for even more creative ways to keep yourself, your housemates or partner entertained at home - there are plenty of options you can still dive into - and you won’t even need to change out of your Pjs if you don’t want to. So, here are a few of our favourites we’ve rounded up for new things you can learn in lockdown, from arts and crafts to renovating and cooking skills. Let’s get into it. 


Home clay workshops 


Why not try your hand at ceramics?! There are so many pottery possibilities when looking at DIY home kits or online pottery classes. Use hand moulding, air drying clay to shape your own unique mugs or cups for all those home brews. The best part about this indoor activity is that you’ll have something useful and decorative you can display at home! Pottery is an amazing way to practice mindfulness, let go of all your thoughts and worries and mould some clay.


Make time to DIY that espresso martini and cocktail 


Let’s be honest, when you heard that lockdown was back again you probably thought of throwing down a drink or two. There are heaps of mix kits you can grab to whip up a bar of your own in the comfort of your own lounge room. We have also whipped up an espresso martini and added in our hazelnut cacao powder and trust us, it hits the spot EVERY TIME. In no time you’ll be enjoying your delicious, instagram-worthy creations at home!


Learn a language


Remember all those times you said you’d learn Spanish, Japanese or French but just couldn’t seem to find a spare minute? Well here’s your chance. With all the youtube videos in the world, online tutorials or even text books - why not use this time to learn that language. There are many learning apps that also offer great bite sized lessons to get you started. Even better, once travel has opened to the world, you’ll be one step ahead and being prepared for that long awaited trip. 


Make a themed collage with photos 


What better way to feel more connected than making a collage for your home. Sort through all those selfies, happy snaps and get them printed. Either grab a cork board or canvas and start creating! You may want to grab some extra stickers, pens and paint to add some extra love onto your masterpiece.


After you’ve tried your hand at your own. Why not make a personalised photo frame, poster or album to send to your loved ones during this time. After you’re done, send them their heartfelt gift through the post. We guarantee it will put a smile on their face and will be a much appreciated gift to hang up at home. 


Whip up something that’s not another sourdough loaf 


If there's something that goes hand in hand with lockdown, its an increase in cravings and appetite. As much as a few of our locals are open for take away, and we love supporting small businesses. Whipping up something new and special can lift the mood and leave you feel more energized! Try making pasta from scratch, how about a batch of home made dumplings? Online cooking classes are a heap of fun to do and will fill your kitchen and tummy full of joy. We also have a range of nut butter filled recipe goodies you can find here (hyperlink recipe section) that can get you started for some inspo. 


Write a journal


How many times have you bought a new journal, open it up and then a few days later forget about it? 


The great thing about journaling is that it is just FOR YOU. You can write down whatever you want, wherever you want. Your goals, best ideas, draw or even use it as a space to hold your emotions and process everything that is going on. Journaling is a great way to practice mindfulness, being grateful and can have many long term benefits. Give it a go. 


By putting together a few of our suggestions, we hope that we have given you some new ideas to get you through lockdown. Aside from finding new activities and hobbies, make sure you take care of your physical and mental health. Reach out to your friends, families and loved ones and stay connected. This will be the best support system and network through this time and beyond. 


If you have any lockdown ideas you think we’d love, new recipes or would just like to chat you know where to find us. Our DMs are always open, so please reach out and we’ll see you there.

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