Low Sugar Breakfast Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

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Low sugar breakfast ideas you'll fall in love with

In today’s day in age, it can be way too easy to over consume sugar. Between that bowl of cereal, hidden sugars in bread or the teaspoon of sugar we add to our coffee, we can easily exceed our sugar intake by miles, all before we’ve stepped out of the door in the morning. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a indulgent treat and occasional dessert. It’s all about balance, and especially for the first meal of your day you’re going to feel your best if you fill yourself with actual nutrition, not empty calories that do little to nothing for your energy. You will also avoid early sugar crashes and have some space for dessert if you so desired, without feeling guilty or yucky.

It’s worth noting that naturally occurring sugars in fruit, in some dried fruit and even vegetables are more than fine to consume, great for your body - just like anything, within moderation. 

So here are our favourite delicious, low sugar breakfast ideas we can’t get enough of that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. 

Overnight oats

Oats are one of the healthiest grains you can find, ever. Gluten free, whole grain and a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants! There are many, many health benefits of oats making it a great breakfast option. 

They have even been linked to assist with weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and reduced risk of heart disease. Oatmeal can be cooked on the stove, in the microwave or soaked overnight. If you’re anything like us, mornings are pretty hectic. In between actually getting out of bed, getting ready, feeding the dog, the cat, the kids… There leaves little time for a cooked breakfast. Soaking your oats overnight in water or plant milk makes an easy grab and go breakfast that you’ll love. Add your favourite fruits, nut butter (we love our 99th Monkey Peanut Butter in this one) and plant protein if you wish for a nutritious, delicious breakfast. 

Peanut butter toast 

I mean, do we need to say more?

Peanut butter is loved by everyone, from kids to adults. It’s a delicious, simple and magic food item that can help curb your hunger instantly. If you haven’t had a peanut butter toast for breakfast in ages, let’s bring that back. Not only is it tasty, and a nostalgic meal for a lot of us - it’s super nutritional and the perfect start to your day. Again, if you’re running around in the morning peanut butter toasts will save you. Fill you up with energy and nutrients you need to start your day right. Packed with protein, along with being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, who wouldn’t want a bite?

Choosing whole grain breads, sourdough or gluten free if you require ensures you’re getting the best quality. If you can avoid white, processed grains this is going to keep you fuller for longer and avoid those hidden sugars. 

The combinations of carbohydrates, fibre and protein paired with healthy fats ensure that the energy is released slowly and last you through the day. 

Protein Smoothie 

Smoothies can have a wrap for not being satisfying enough,  filling enough or nutritious. Smoothies can also sometimes come with hidden sugars. Go easy on the honey, dates and additions instead relying on the natural sweetness and flavour from the fruits and superfoods. 

To build the perfect smoothie choose your base - bananas, berries, mango and even frozen cauliflower or zucchini make the perfect starter for your smoothie. Add in a protein powder of choice, this keeps you fuller for the whole day and adds a delicious punch to your smoothie. We also love adding a handful of greens - spinach or kale work great! Add a spoon of your favourite nut butter (We love our 99th Monkey Almond Cacao Spread at the moment for a chocolate treat in the morning). Pour in your plant milk of choice, blend away and enjoy! There are endless combinations you can whip up for your smoothie, so there will be something for every morning, every mood and every craving! 

If you want to take it a step further, you can even pre prepare your fruits before hand for the week, in zip lock bags in the freezer so you simply have to grab, empty, add and blend! 

Smoothie Bowl

Dessert for breakfast? It’s a yes from us. Pretty much the same concept as your smoothie however this one's for when you need a little something extra. Maybe you’ve had a big workout or week and am feeling extra hungry or you have a little bit of extra time on the weekend and am looking to make a brunch to impress a special someone. Even if you just want a seriously delicious treat that will satisfy your sweet cravings, this one will be your go to.  Adding a little less liquid compared to your smoothie will make sure that it turns out super thick and creamy. Top with your favourite nut butter (Our new 99th Monkey limited edition White Chocolate Spread works a treat here), trust us. Add your favourite fruits and granola (make sure you check the package for a low sugar option - more make a batch up yourself at home!). Say hello to your new favourite brunch. 

As you can now see, cutting or reducing sugar from your favourite breakfasts does not mean reducing flavour! With each recipe idea, you can swap and add in your favourite fruits, nut butters and superfoods for even more variety. The possibilities are truly endless! We hope that you give some of these a go and come up with some new ones of your own.

We hope that we have given you heaps of tasty recipes, guaranteed to have you jumping out of bed in the morning. We would love to hear from you guys, what are your favourite low sugar breakfasts you’ve discovered.  Find us on instagram and share all your delicious creations! We’ll see you there.



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