2 Ingredient Peanut Butter & Banana Mousse

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Life gets busy. Between juggling work, errands, and social commitments, finding time to whip up decadent desserts can feel like a Herculean feat. But what if I told you there's a way to indulge your sweet tooth with a dreamy, delicious treat that requires only two ingredients and minutes to prepare? Say hello to the magic of 99th Monkey's Peanut Butter Mousse!

This isn't your average frozen banana "nice cream." This is a silky smooth, protein-packed mousse that bursts with rich peanut butter flavor and creamy satisfaction. No fancy equipment, no obscure ingredients, just pure, unadulterated goodness.

The Power of Two:

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity. All you need are:

  • Ripe bananas: The riper the better, as they blend smoother and provide natural sweetness. Frozen bananas work wonders too, creating a more "ice cream-like" texture.
  • 99th Monkey Natural Peanut Butter: The star of the show! Choose your favourite variety – salted or unsalted - each adds a unique depth of flavour and texture to your mousse.

From Blender to Bliss:

The process is incredibly straightforward. Simply toss your peeled bananas and chosen 99th Monkey Natural Peanut Butter into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Adjust the consistency to your liking – add a splash of plant-based milk for a thinner mousse or keep it thick and decadent. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, making it the perfect solution for last-minute cravings or unexpected guests.

Beyond Basic:

While you can certainly enjoy this mousse in its purest form, there are endless ways to personalise it. Here are a few ideas:

    • Flavour Twists: Add a pinch of cinnamon, cocoa powder, or vanilla extract for an extra flavour kick.
    • Chocolate Chip Surprise: Fold in dark chocolate chips or chopped nuts for a textural contrast and delicious surprise.
    • Fruity Fun: Top your mousse with fresh berries, strawberries or sliced banana.
    • Get Fancy: Spoon the mousse into small glasses or mason jars, top with a dollop of whipped cream, or sprinkle with cacao nibs or shaved chocolate for a restaurant-worthy presentation.

Valentines Day Delight:

Looking for a quick and easy yet impressive treat for your special someone this Valentine's Day? This peanut butter mousse is your answer! Divide it into small ramekins or fancy glasses, top with strawberries or raspberries. Even a sprinkle of edible rose petals, and voila! You've got a swoon-worthy dessert that says "I love you" without the hours in the kitchen.

The 99th Monkey Difference:

What truly elevates this simple recipe is the quality of the ingredients. At 99th Monkey, we use only the finest peanuts, roasted to perfection and blended with love. Our dedication to all-natural, non-GMO ingredients shines through in the richness and depth of flavour in every jar.

This 2 ingredient banana and Peanut Butter mousse is the perfect dessert for when you're craving something sweet but don't have a lot of time to cook or many ingredients laying around. It's creamy, flavourful, easy to make, and it's sure to become a new favourite.


(To make 3 small servings)


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/4 cup 99th Monkey Salted Natural Peanut Butter (or Unsalted)


  1. Place the bananas and Peanut Butter into a food processor and whizz until smooth
  2. Pour the mixture into serving glasses or bowls
  3. We then topped ours with fresh strawberries (because Peanut Butter and Strawberries are a match made in heaven)
  4. Enjoy!

This mousse is a delicious and easy dessert that's perfect for any occasion. So next time you're looking for something sweet to satisfy your cravings, give this simple mousse a try!

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