Chocolate Swirl Nut Butter Scrolls

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I mean who doesn't love a good chocolate scroll? Especially when it is dairy free, refined sugar free and DELICIOUS! 

We have put a 99th Monkey spin on the classic cinnamon scroll. These scrolls are honestly fluffy goodness that we know you will go NUTS for! 



adapted from @ambitiouskitchen

For dough:
🥜 3 cups of flour
🥜 1 scoop of @bscclean salted caramel protein
🥜 3/4 tsp of salt
🥜 2 1/4 tsp of quick rise or active yeast
🥜 1/4 cup of dairy free butter (melted)
🥜 3/4 cup of warm milk (we used @pureharvest almond milk)
🥜 1 egg (room temperature)
🥜 1 tbsp of @pureharvest rice malt syrup

For filling:
🥜 Almond Cacao Butter
🥜 ABC Butter

For icing:
🥜 1/2 of a cup of @lakantoaustralia monkfruit sweetener icing powder
🥜 1 Tbsp of dairy free butter
🥜 Dash of @pureharvest almond milk



1. Pre heat oven to 180 degrees celsius. Line and grease a deep tray ready for scrolls. 

2. Add all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. 

3. Warm milk in a bowl before adding yeast and letting sit for a few minutes to activate. 

4. Melt butter and add to milk and yeast mix. 

5. Add egg to dry mix before adding in small amounts of the wet ingredients, stirring as you go to form a dough. 

6. Sprinkle bench with extra flour before taking dough out of the bowl. Work dough for roughly a minute to make sure all ingredients are combined and a smooth dough is formed. 

7. Let sit for 10 mins before rolling out into a 1cm thick sheet. 

8. Spread nut butters across dough, half and half depending on desired taste and outcome. 

9. Roll up dough into a tight scrolls before slicing into around 4-5cm wide scrolls. 

10. Add scrolls to tray ensuring they are touching but not hard up against each other (allow for a little growth in the oven). 

11. Add to oven for between 15-20 minutes checking any 15 minutes to see if they are golden brown and a little crispy. 

12. Take out of the oven and let sit until slightly cooled. 

13. Mix up icing: add softened butter to icing mix and "cream" adding in little bits of milk to allow the icing to combine but not thin. 

14. Layer onto scrolls nice and thick. 

15. Enjoy scrolls heated in the microwave for 20 secs. 


YUMMM! Don't forget to tag us: @99th_monkey if you recreate our recipes! We'd love to see! 


Happy scrolling!




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