Peanut Butter Copy Cat Corinthians

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Surely we all remember Corinthians?! Now maybe you don't remember their name, but how about if I describe it to you. Corinthians were those wafer type cigar shaped biscuits that were hollow on the inside with a chocolate lining. They also had a swirl of chocolate around the outside. They came in different flavours, one that is memorable to me is their coffee one. The were sold in supermarkets in a long blue tin. 

We decided to bring these back, with a few simple ingredients that you most likely to have laying around. And of course we decided to make them Peanut Butter flavoured. 



(to make 2 corinthians)

- 2 pieces of sandwich bread slices

- 2-4 tbs 99th Monkey Salted (or Unsalted) Peanut Butter

- 50g or so of melted chocolate 


1. Cut the crusts off the slices of bread

2. Using a rolling pin, flatten the bread slices

3. Add a generous amount of Peanut Butter to the slice of bread and spread until covered

4. Roll the slice of bread up - to resemble the shape of a Corinthian 

5. Place these slices of bread in the freezer to firm up

6. Once firm, dip the entire Corinthian into the melted chocolate 

7. Enjoy!

This recipe is an easy ready made snack, that the kids will also love! And you can use up any left over bread you might have to make these. 

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