Are Nut Butters Keto? Your Guide to the Best Nut Butter for Keto

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Are Nuts Keto?  

You want to kick your body into ketosis, you want to incorporate more fats into your diet, and you've discovered that it's a lot harder than it seems. Well, it's a tough spot most people find themselves in when they take on the keto diet.

Don't worry, there are some high nutrient fat-rich foods nut butters that are a fantastic supplement to your ketogenic diet. However, as with any group of foods, some are better than others. 

We've created a quick list to help you choose the best healthy nuts for keto diets.

Hazelnut Butter

Are hazelnuts keto friendly? Yes, hazelnut butter is a nutrient-dense option for anyone looking for a quality keto-friendly addition to their diet. However, to get the best results you must be sure to stay away from the high-in-sugar chocolate rich variants.

If you do like the chocolate taste, you can always choose a hazelnut butter that is combined with cocoa powder and a natural, healthy sweetener like coconut sugar. This will allow you to get the benefits of all its fatty keto goodness, without giving up on the delicious taste of chocolate.

Almond Butter

Almond butters are perhaps, one of the most popular nut butters on the market. 28 grams of almond butter holds around 14 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of carbs. It's a great way to add some protein into your post-workout smoothies.

It's low-carb, high in protein and rich in fats - ideal for muscle building and recovery. Since it's so easy to make, you can create your own almond butter right from home. 

Peanut Butter

If you're wondering, Can you eat peanuts on keto diet? The answer is Yes, however be mindful of other ingredients. Peanut butter seems to have an undeserved bad reputation within the keto community. That's because most peanut butter brands use a combination of far too many added sugars, peanuts, and salt. The high levels of sugar definitely make it a less-than-exceptional option, however, that can be said for all kinds of butter. 

However, if you do like the taste of peanut butter, it's a great option. Just make sure to keep your combinations simple. Ideally, you should opt for single-ingredient or two-ingredient peanut butter, where the second ingredient is just salt. 

Cashew Butter

While cashew butters are high in fats, they are considered a lesser source of nutrients. But does that mean they're off-limits? No way!

Try combination butters that include cashews and other nuts to get the benefits of fatty cashews and the nutrients of other mineral-rich nuts. Cashew and almond make for particularly delicious combinations due to the blend of the two textures and their complementing tastes.  

Go Natural to Find the Best Nut Butter for Keto 

If you're on the lookout for the best nut butter for keto diets, we advise you to go natural. The fewer the ingredients, the better they are for you. Opt for organic brands, natural ingredients, and a minimalistic process. 

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