How To Make Great Natural Almond Butter

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From a cracker or vegetable dip to a sandwich spread to an ingredient in various soups, almond butter is truly the renaissance item of the culinary world. There are a huge number of ways to enjoy this delicious snack, and in order to try these recipes and enjoy them to their fullest, you'll need the highest-quality nut butter money can buy.

In our store, we sell a variety of nut butters that can help you experience these foods at the highest possible quality. Read on to learn about the healthiest almond butter in Australia!

Healthy Ingredients

Every great food begins with great ingredients, and almond butter is no exception. We recommend sourcing the highest quality Australian almonds - that's what we do! Because Australian almonds do not have any natural pests, they are grown without having been sprayed with pesticides. We love this, as it gives us the confidence that we're putting no unnatural ingredients into our bodies when we consume our delicious natural nut butter.

Our natural almond butter isn't only good for your body - it's also good for the environment. We work with an independent auditor to figure out how large our carbon footprint is when making almond butter and proactively think of ways that we can reduce its size. We then work with a tree-planting program in East Timor to offset our remaining carbon footprint - doing our bit to combat climate change while also helping to boost the East Timorese economy.

This, along with our ongoing efforts at waste reduction, are key planks in our effort to create a more sustainable and healthy environment. 

How It's Made

Almond butter is easy to make. Literally get your roasted almonds and whizz them up in your food processor until they form a paste (go easy on that food processor though! You may need to give it a couple of blasts to get it to the right consistency without burning out your appliance.) Here is an easy, step-by-step guide.

This process can be a little time-consuming if you don't have the same tools that we do (not to mention hazardous for the average household food processor - trust me, I've burned out a few!)

One of the key ways that we make our products taste great lies in the way we create them. Our natural nut butter is put through our specially designed nut mill. This allows them to be naturally processed to get the perfect creamy consistency that your taste buds crave.

We make our nut butter in small batches and cold-fill every jar as soon as it's been created. This means that unlike larger-scale manufacturers, our almond butter has not been heated in the manufacturing process. The oil will be much slower to separate than mass-produced brands and it will last a much longer period of time without losing its texture or flavour.

Quality Taste

In the end, our almond butter isn't only top-notch when it comes to health - we also work hard to make sure that it tastes amazing. 

In addition to both natural and organic almond butter, we also make one with pistachios mixed in for a full and unique flavour. We also have ABC butter, created by blending almonds, brazils, and cashews. 

Get the Healthiest Almond Butter

While finding food that's both delicious and healthy can be a challenge, it's easy when you look in the right places.

We wish you luck in your experiments with making almond butter at home. However, if you're still not sure that you want to make it yourself, let us help! Click here to shop for a wide variety of Australian almond butter products that you're sure to love.

Bon appetit!

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