Peanut Butter Bar Bites

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Peanut Butter and chocolate. Does the combination of flavours get any better than that?

Peanut butter and chocolate are two of the most popular flavours in the world, and for good reason. They are both delicious and versatile, and they go together perfectly.

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is known as the "perfect pairing" for a reason. The smooth, creamy peanut butter and the rich, decadent chocolate complement each other perfectly. The peanut butter adds a nutty flavour and texture, while the chocolate adds sweetness and richness.

This combination is found in many popular desserts.

There are many reasons why peanut butter and chocolate go together so well. Both flavours are sweet and nutty, and they both have a rich, creamy texture. 

Peanut Butter Bar Bites

We decided to make a simple snack/sweet treat by using a peanut butter and chocolate flavoured bar that you can find on the shelves in supermarkets and add our 99th Monkey peanut butter to it, and incase it in a layer of chocolate so it becomes one snack that can be eaten in a few bites. 


(To make 6 bites)


  • 3 x Peanut Butter & chocolate flavoured bars (we used KOJA Peanut butter chocolate bar)
  • 6 x tsps 99th Monkey Salted Natural Peanut Butter (or unsalted)
  • 90 g chocolate of choice


  1. Line a muffin tray with patty pan liners
  2. Melt 60 g of chocolate and spoon 10 g into each patty liner and spread out so it covers the bottom of the patty liner
  3. Cut the bars in half, so you now have 6 pieces
  4. Add 1 piece of the bar into each patty liner and push down into the melted chocolate
  5. Add a tsp or so of Peanut Butter on top of the piece of bar
  6. Melt 30 g of chocolate and spoon 5 g over the Peanut Butter layer of each bite
  7. Place the tray into the fridge to set


If you're looking for a delicious and satisfying combination, then peanut butter and chocolate is the perfect choice. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using these two flavours, so get creative and make our Peanut Butter bar bites today!

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